National Honor Society

The 2012-2013 school year has been the second in Victory's history to include a National Honor Society. Todays members are Alexis Deleon (President), Vanessa Hernandez (Vice Presidnet), Efrain Ortiz (Secretary), Xam Guzman (Treasurer), Anista Subri (Historian), Janette Tea (Parlimentarian), and Jeanette Pena (Time Keeper). Mrs. Daniels has been the sponsor for this group for the past three years.

What are the core values?

There are five core values of the National Honor Society which are character, scholarship, leadership, and service. Character means the force within each individual which distinguishes that person from others. Members of the honor society must demonstrate qualities such as respect, responsibility, trust-worthiness, fairness, caring, and citizenship to show that they have good character. Scholarship means a commitment to learning. Members of the honor society must keep learning at all times because for the honor society, knowledge is something very valuable. Leadership refers to being a leader in influencing your peers in doing the right things. To be a good leader, sometimes you have to put other's wishes in front of yours, and leadership is always needed which is why the honor society values it. Service refers to the willingness to help others without compensation or recognition. It is important for members of the honor society to help out their community thus service is an important value of the honor society.

The Pledge

I pledge to maintain high scholastic standing, 
To hold as fundamental and worth 
An untarnished character,
To endeavor intelligently and courageously
To be a leader,
And to give of myself freely in service to others.
In so doing, I shall prove myself worth
Of a place in the National Honor Society.

I pledge myself
Always to seek the light of truth,
To hold scholarly habits,
To engage in worthy service,
And to lead forward in all things
That shall advance the welfare of the school.