Test Preparation

What is Test Prep?

Test preparation (which is also called test prep or exam preparation) usually refers to
an educational course designed to increase students' performance on standardized test such ass the SAT, ACT, COMPASS, and many other test that a student may take in either high school or college.


To be able to recieve college credit with Lone Star College The COMPASS or Accuplacer Test must be passed.

About the Test:

Sample Questions:

COMPASS Orientation:


Writing and Reading

Grammar Guide – includes quizzes:

Common grammatical errors:

Subject/verb agreement:

Math Prep

Students are allowed to use their choice of a basic four-function, TI 83 or TI 84 calculator. Students should review using a calculator similar to the one they plan to use during the test. College testing centers provide the basic calculators. Students must provide their own TI 83/84 if they wish to use that model of calculator.

SAT/ACT and Essay

ACT/SAT Review:

1000 SAT Vocabulary Words:

2010 Official Student Guide to the PSAT/NMSQT:

Essay Writing

The writing prompts for the COMPASS and ACCUPLACER Essays describe two options and you will be asked to write an essay supporting one option over the other. This is a form of persuasive writing and similar to the TAKS essay. It does not matter which option you choose to support, as long as your position is supported with valid reasons. The essay should include an introduction, summarizing the options to be debated and clearly stating the position you have taken. The introduction should be followed by three to four paragraphs, one for each reason you feel the option is best. End the essay with a concluding paragraph summarizing your position. The essay should be written in third person. Be consistent. – Don’t move back and forth between second person (you, your) and third person. The essay should be between 350 and 600 words.